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3 Best Books to Learn Anime/ Manga Poses

    Here, we have assembled a list of 3 Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime and Manga Poses. These books will teach you to draw various poses of a manga character from different angles.

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime and Manga Poses

    1. Figure It Out! Drawing Essential Poses
    2. Drawing Manga People and Poses
    3. Manga Pose Resource Book

    Before you start to draw a complete manga figure, it is good if you practice individual parts first. To learn the drawing of manga characters (male/female) parts by part; check our best picks of manga drawing books category wise.


    1. Figure It Out! Drawing Essential Poses: The Beginner’s Guide to the Natural-Looking Figure

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime Poses

    Bestselling how-to-draw author Christopher Hart helps artists fine-tune their skills with the fundamentals of drawing natural-looking figures.

    Eschewing the esoteric “art poses” and wooden mannequins commonly found in art books, he portrays every day, real-life gestures on human-looking foundation figures: standing, sitting, kneeling, and reclining, with arms folded, ankles crossed, hands on hips, and more, all shown from various angles.

    Hart also explores deeper concepts such as perspective, illusion of depth, casting shadows, and foreshortening, and provides step-by-step tutorials that take artists through complete, naturally posed figure drawings from start to finish.


    2. Drawing Manga People and Poses

    best books to learn to draw different manga and anime poses

    Learn to draw people in a variety of different poses with Drawing Manga People and Poses.

    Lessons begin with the basics–drawing from photos, vantage points, people and objects. Once you’ve got the basics covered, you’ll follow along with step by steps and find tips and advice for “every day,” “around the house” and “at work and play” poses.

    Drawing Manga People and Poses also includes helpful Q & A sections, covering subjects like drawing from reference materials, understanding skeletal and muscular anatomy, drawing cartoons and how to know when a project is finished.

    You will Learn to draw:

    • Important basic drawing lessons, including scaling, dimension, perspective and more
    • Lessons and samples for drawing poses from everyday life, like texting, opening a wallet and eating
    • Around-the-house poses such as opening doors and windows, getting dressed and cleaning
    • At work and play poses including using a computer, taking photos, stretching and playing video games

    With more than 800 poses, you’re well on your way to creating any character you can imagine!


    See Our Other Best Pick of Manga Drawing Books:

    3. Manga Pose Resource Book

    best books to draw different manga poses

    This art reference book shows how to draw manga. It contains text and introductions giving useful information to aid illustrations.

    This book gives you an exact idea of how a certain pose would look like. There’s many to choose from which makes this great for varying your poses and not being stuck doing the same ones over and over.

    This book would be essential for any manga artist looking to work on sequential art or trying to find a good starting-point for creating believable poses in an every-day environment.