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5 Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime/ Manga Characters

    Are you really want to learn how to draw anime and manga characters or want to create your own manga characters, these books will help you to do so.

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime/ Manga Characters – for Beginners and Advanced


    1. Pop Manga: How to Draw the Coolest, Cutest Characters

    Books to Learn How to Draw Manga Characters

    Renowned manga artist and comics creator Camilla d’Errico’s beginner’s guide to drawing her signature Japanese-style characters.

    From comics to video games to contemporary fine art, the beautiful, wide-eyed-girl look of shoujo manga has infiltrated pop culture, and no artist’s work today better exemplifies this trend than Camilla d’Errico’s.  In her first instructional guide, d’Errico reveals techniques for creating her emotive yet playful manga characters, with lessons on drawing basic body construction, capturing action, and creating animals, chibis, and mascots.

    Plus, she gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at her character design process, pointers on creating their own comics, and prompts for finishing her drawings. Pop Manga is both a celebration of creativity and an indispensible guide that is sure to appeal to manga diehards and aspiring artists alike.

    Before you start to draw a complete manga figure, it is good if you practice individual parts first. To learn the drawing of manga characters (male/female) parts by parts; check our best picks of manga drawing books category wise.


    2. How to Draw Manga Characters: A Beginner’s Guide

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw various Manga Characters

    Best-selling author J.C. Amberlyn focuses on favorite manga archetype characters, with a fun and lively how-to-draw book aimed at beginners. She takes you through everything you need to know to create your favorite manga characters from Japanese comics or design your own.

    Every genre of manga has its typical characters—plucky hero and heroine; school boys and girls; funny friend/sidekick; serious warrior; young innocent; bishounen; genki girls; chibis; chibi animals; cat girls/cat boys; magical girls; adorable animals; strong/scary animals; gothic characters; fantasy characters—and they are all here along with the step-by-step drawing instructions needed to give even beginners the direction they need to create the favorite characters they can’t get enough of.

    A chapter on backgrounds, scenery, and the environment will further give readers the information they need to pull everything together and create their own manga characters and the worlds they live in. Includes 23 step-by-step demonstrations and exercises.

    What is inside this book:

    • What Is a Character & Creating a Manga Character
    • Manga Character Archetypes and Story Genres, Manga Character Types & Some Common Terms and Color Associations
    • Human and Animals Heads, Faces, Noses, Ears, and Mouths, Eyes and Hair
    • Expressions: Emotions, Exaggerating Features, Using Fur, Feathers, and Scales, Perspective
    • Bodies and Gestures: Anatomy of a Chibi, Child, Woman, and Man | Gestures, Posture, Angles, and Character Appeal
    • Clothing and Accessories
    • Settings, Scenes, and Samples: Props, Character Design Examples, Silhouettes, Scenes, Character Sheets


    3. Manga Workshop Characters: How to Draw and Color Faces and Figures

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw various Anime Characters

    The manga universe is diverse–full of cute chibis, soulful romantics, cunning villains and sassy schoolgirls. Whether you want to tell love stories, create fantasy worlds or explore the drama of everyday life, you can do it with the help of self-taught manga artist Sophie-Chan. You’ll learn to draw personality-filled characters and create unique manga stories from start to finish, even if you’ve never drawn manga before!

    Inside Manga Workshop:

    • 30+ start-to-finish demonstrations teach you to draw women, men and children of all ages, perspectives and personality types, including classic manga schoolgirls, the boy next door, businesswomen, rock stars and gothic vampires.
    • The Face. Using simple shapes, draw different eyes, noses and mouths to create endless expressions, from blushing surprise and happiness to full-blown tears–even cool hairstyles!
    • The Figure. Follow easy guidelines to create proportionate characters–chibis and children, high schoolers and warriors–and place them in scenes. Plus, learn the secrets to drawing accurate hands and feet, including shoes!
    • Color. Learn to color your manga with colored pencil, markers and digital drawing programs to reflect setting, genre, time of day and personality traits.
    • Bonus pages show variations on facial expressions, common poses, extra outfits and how to use each in your story, plus special drawing demos, including an angel, vampire, witch, a magical cat and Chan’s own characters.


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    4. How to Draw Manga: The Ultimate Step-by Step Guide to Drawing Male Characters

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Male Manga Characters

    Anime is a style of animation/drawing originating from Japan. Most anime drawings include exaggerated physical features such as large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs. In this book, you will learn how to draw anime & manga guys step-by-step.


    5. How to Draw Manga: The Ultimate Step-by Step Guide to Drawing Female Characters

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Female Manga Characters

    This book, will teach you how to draw anime and manga female characters step-by-step.