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5 Best Books to Learn How to Draw Chibis

    If you wish to learn how to draw manga chibis characters then starting it all with a book is a great idea. We have curated a list of the best books to learn how to draw manga chibis recommended by many manga artists.

    They populate manga with chunky bodies, oversized heads, and huge expressive eyes. They’re schoolgirls and schoolboys, magical girls and mad scientists, fairies and fighter princesses, cyborgs and sci-fi secret agents, bikers and bad samurais, robots and rebel leaders. They’ve even got chubby pets and zany monster sidekicks! They’re chibis!

    If you really want to learn how to draw these cute little characters these books are very good to start.

    Check our best picks of manga drawing books category wise.

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime/ Manga Chibis


    1. Manga for the Beginner Chibis: Everything You Need to Start Drawing the Super-Cute Characters of Japanese Comics

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime Chibis

    Excruciatingly cute, highly stylized, and beloved in all manga genres (fantasy, magical girls, shonen, anthro, sci-fi-, and more), without them, manga would barely exist. And now you can learn, step by step, how to draw virtually every chibi out there, how to “chibify” ordinary manga characters—and how to invent your very own designs! Covering facial expressions, those iconic manga eyes, costumes, character interaction, and story settings, Manga for the Beginner Chibis has it all.

    With this book you will find out chibis are not only fun to draw, but they’re easy to draw, too!

    There are all kinds of characters throughout the book with instructions for how to draw them, beginning with simple shapes and lines, then adding more detail, and finally, finished in full color.

    Author Christopher Hart includes lots of tips, including the very important proportions of chibis, as well as the difference between the shoujo and the shonen styles.

    The books are well written with lots of pictures, examples and tips needed to get better at drawing this chibi style correctly.


    2. How to Draw Manga Chibis & Cute Critters

    Best Books to Learn to Draw Manga Chibis

    With big glossy eyes and soft pudgy cheeks, it’s hard not to love manga chibis and critters.

    In this latest addition to the Walter Foster Studio series for tweens, aspiring artists can learn all about these cute creatures as they follow along with step-by-step drawing projects that range from a mischievous chibi princess and a roly poly ninja to a furry manga bunny and a cuddly panda cub.

    Also included is a chapter on how to render any animal or person as a “chibi-fied” character. Instructions for adding color with markers or watercolour make this cartooning book perfect for any tween fan of manga or anime.


    3. Chibi! The Official Mark Crilley How-to-Draw Guide

    Chibi The Official How to Draw Guide

    This How to Draw Guide will teach you everything you need to know about drawing chibis.

    This manga illustration style features cute characters with big heads, tiny bodies and adorably exaggerated facial expressions. Play with proportions to create highly stylized itty-bitty chibis or unusually tall ones, using their big eyes and giant personalities to convey animated emotions, from surprised and joyful to sad and mad.

    • 32 step-by-step lessons cover everything from proportions and poses to clothing and digital coloring.
    • Create every kind of chibi: boys, girls, pets, witches, fairies and anthropomorphic characters.
    • Learn how to turn your friends, family and yourself into adorable chibis!
    • Includes a chapter dedicated to making chibi crafts, such as phone cases, greeting cards and do-not-disturb signs.


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    4. Chibi Art Class: A Complete Course in Drawing Chibi Cuties and Beasties

    Best Books to Learn How to Draw Anime Chibis characters

    Anime artist Yoai has captivated a huge audience with her adorable chibi drawings, and now she’s ready to share her secrets with you. In Chibi Art Class, he teaches you the art of chibi, step by adorable step.

    In this book, you’ll find tutorials on recreating their signature features and props, including dreamy eyes, mini-skirts, vibrant hair, colorful bows, and boba cups. You’ll also practice drawing, coloring, and shading fully-formed versions of these vertically challenged, baby-faced characters and their kawaii little companions.

    As a bonus, several pages at the back of the book will allow you to create your own original characters and add your own color and shading to several colorless cuties.

    With Yoai’s expertise and step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn the art and technique of cuteness in no time!


    5. How to Draw Manga Chibis in Simple Steps

    How to Draw Manga Chibis in Simple Steps

    28 different characters, poses and expressions that offer a dynamic selection of manga chibi figures. Chibis are a fun subject to explore, with large eyes, tiny bodies and very expressive emotions. This is a genre perfect for anyone seeking to learn a simpler form of manga and the basics of creating these delightful characters.